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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Is it possible to be too beautiful? The view from male eye.

During my young wild days when I was constantly attracted by all women, I walked into a cocktail lounge and saw a vison of pure beauty in a young woman who was sitting alone at a table. There were three men sitting at the bar and some other people sitting at tables. I immediately presumed that she was waiting for someone, but it soon became clear to me that she was simply passing the time of day.

For whatever their reasons none of the other men ventured anywhere near her. I plucked up the courage to make that long and dreadful journey to her table, where I fully expected to de rebuffed. I excused myself and apologised if I was being a bother, but I said I had a question that I thought she was the perfect person to ask.

My question was as follows: I wondered if she agreed with me that it is possible to be entirely too beautiful. That is to say, that I thought that while such immense beauty can be a true blessing in some ways, it can also be a curse.

Her reply was, "Would you care to have a seat, and a drink as you must be thirsty after such a hard journey to get here."

That was the start of a very long chat that lasted past the cocktail hour, and continued over dinner.

I learnt from her that policemen routinely gave her a break, while just wondering if she might have some free time to have a drink with them. She said that she usually gets anything she wants, which actually made her sad because no-one stood up to her. Wheneever she had to compete for something she usually got the role, even when there were others better qualified. She had been pampered all her life, and while it was nice to be treated as though she were royalty it did make her feel uncomfortable and sad. She was there in Bermuda, deliberately travelling alone, and had I said anything other than what I did she would have sent me packing. However, I had asked the question which was the key to the very thing she needed to talk about, and I had proved to be a good listener.

I spent some quality time with her during her visit and we became very good friends. Because her worst problem was that everyone wanted something from her, especially men, not once did I attempt to start anything romantic with her. I think had I done so I would have spoiled what became a long-term valuable friendship.

I keep telling myself that the value of our friendship was far greater than a night of steamy sex. I think I have finally, actually come to believe that.

Copyright (c) 2015  Eugene Carmichael 

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